12 Things To Do If You’re Bored

Have nothing to do? Not true! There’s always something to do, it just takes some creative thinking at times. I’ve thought up 12 things you could do if you have one of those days when you’re out of ideas. Comment below if you have anything to add to this list!

  1. Write a letter to your future self or make a time capsule.
  2. Do a free tour in your hometown (e.g. walking tour, food tour etc.).
  3. Find a course to do in the community or online (e.g. Laneway Learning, Class Central)
  4. Check out websites for last minute event tickets (e.g. Lasttix).
  5. Learn a new skill e.g. juggling, trapeze, yoga.
  6. Bake muffins and take them next door to meet your neighbours.
  7. Go geocaching (www.geocaching.com).
  8. Go buy a homeless person a coffee/hot chocolate and have a chat (if they’re up for it). Better yet take them a blanket or pillow.
  9. Attend a laughing yoga club, it’s wonderfully weird (check it out- Melbourne). Laughing is considered a powerful healing modality so is included as part of the exercise regime. Good times.
  10. Check out Atlas Obscura (www.atlasobscura.com) and do something unusual near you. It’s a website of the strangest places to visit around the world.
  11. Find things you don’t use at home or something that inspires you at the op shop and undertake a DIY/up-cycle project with them.
  12. Create a ‘Date Jar’ for yourself or for your partner (yes, you can take yourself on dates!). Write down 50 or so activities/places/experiences in your area on separate pieces of paper, fold these up individually and place them into a jar. Now you have LOTS of ideas to combat future boredom!