A Secret Weapon for the DIY Wedding

So you’re planning or know someone who’s planning a DIY wedding? That’s wonderful news because I have the best suggestion for you. It’s probably not all that secret but, honestly, it’s invaluable. Or, as the saying goes, the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Wait for it.


#weddingstampforlyfe (P.S I checked and it’s not a thing… it should be) (P.P.S #greatestthingsinceslicedbread is a thing… seriously)


No joke. This is not a drill. The wedding stamp has revolutionized my DIY wedding planning. I’m using it on our DIY invitations, program of events, bombonieres, guest book and potentially serviettes. The possibilities really are endless. You can use gold, silver, black or any colour ink. We even requested the wedding date not be inscribed so that it can be used in the future for unrelated reasons. Genius, right? I’ll give that one to Will as it was his idea.

Our stamp cost $45 AUD, however it was from a US Etsy store. This always costs a lot for Australians due to postage fees. There were definitely cheaper options but I was fussy. Even though ours cost $45, it’s still saving us money overall. The DIY wedding invites we made easily cost under $50 AUD, which is definitely cheaper than getting them made. A pack of plain serviettes costs maybe $2-3 but will be easy and free to personalise. There will be cute, cost effective personal touches throughout our wedding thanks to this stamp.

I’ve thought up as many uses for the wedding stamp as possible and listed them below. Get creative though, I’m sure you can think up more. If you do find other uses for this then please please please comment and let us all know!

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  • Stamp the back of envelopes as a ‘seal’.
  • Use on stationary such as invitations, menus, programs or thank you cards.
  • Stamp the front of a plain notepad to create a personalized guestbook.
  • Personalised gift bags (canvas or paper bags).
  • Use on favour gift tags.
  • Personalise serviettes.
  • Enlarge to use on the welcome sign.