Welcome to ‘The Little Red Studio’!

In 2017 I took a year off work to do ‘life things’, as I called it. I was at a point where work was my life. When people asked what my hobbies were, I listed off things I used to like. To be honest, I had no idea if I still enjoyed them.  So 2017 was meant for travel, adventure and finding out what I liked and who I was.

My fiancé and I travelled the world. I dyed my hair pink. We met the best and weirdest people. We did crazy things. Finally we returned home to spend time with our families and rest. I struggled at this point. After having such a busy life I wasn’t used to stopping. I didn’t know how to fill in my time. As such, I embarked on a journey to find some hobbies.

It turned out running wasn’t my thing. Travel wasn’t a long term option for me. I certainly wasn’t very good at cooking. Instead, I gravitated towards everything creative. Writing, drawing, designing and making. I felt at home, like it was ridiculous that I hadn’t been doing these things all along. I absolutely needed to have these things in my life. Hence, this studio/blog.

This blog/vlog/shop/thing (whatever this new venture will become) is still evolving. It’s all part of the journey. Why ‘The Little Red Studio’? Because ‘Little Red’ used to be my laser tag nickname and (in conjunction with my life motto) #whynot.

So hang out with me, bring some creativity to your life and let’s see where this all takes us!

Love from Julia x