What I Wish I Had Known About Wedding Planning

So in exciting news, I’m getting married next year (yay!). Like a lot of people in my situation, I’m new to this wedding thing. I’m no stranger to the sneaky pinterest search but up until recently, that was the full extent of my experience.

Basically… the learning curve has been steep.

It turns out that a lot of stress comes from elsewhere. DO NOT sign up for one of those wedding website subscriptions. You will be subject to emails that discuss ‘Reasons To Not Be Stressed’, which if you’re not stressed actually makes you stressed for not being stressed. That whole, “WHAT? I SHOULD BE STRESSED??” scenario.

Other emails have a live countdown. It’s worded something like, ‘Don’t worry Julia, with now only 406 days before the big day, we’re here to help you.” AGAIN. “WHAT? I SHOULD BE STRESSED??” Honestly, don’t do it to yourself.

People will say to you ‘there is a LOT to organise’, ‘wow it’s overwhelming’ etc. Take a deep breath and politely ignore this. I’ve found that it’s all about perspective. If you see it as a big thing, it will become a big thing. If you see it as a party with friends and family (which it is essentially), it seems more achievable. It will inevitably be a rollercoaster of emotions as you struggle with this.

Also, did you know that anything with the word ‘wedding’ attached to it costs a lot more? I was looking at this beautiful macramé drape for the wedding arch. If you search for macramé wedding arch vs. macramé window drape, the cost difference is significant. I feel this information could be used to your advantage.

I do wish I’d known about some good budget calculating websites. You hear from others that weddings cost on average $30,000 but how do you know what that money should be spent on? What if you want to spend less than that? Where do you cut costs? I’d already started booking things before I came across helpful budget planning sites. The first one I found was on Easy Weddings (FYI not sponsored). They have a page where you put in your overall budget and it will say how much you can spend on flowers, photographers etc. There are also wedding planning magazines that will break down what percentage of the budget you should spend on each component. I hate budgets though so perhaps I hadn’t found these things on purpose.

It’s a whole new world. ‘A new fantastic point of view,’ as the Aladdin song goes. However the song also says ‘no one to tell us no’, which if you’ve ever had to follow a wedding budget you’ll know is NOT the case. *sigh*


Do you have any tips for anyone planning a wedding? What did you learn through your experience?